08 June 2010

this was fun

i found an old mineral t-shirt on eBay and I thought of these times
emo is for life, not just for one song
now it's all bleeps bloops and bass


13 April 2010

Beau Navire

I think they re-recorded some old songs and some new ones. Not being at my own computer its hard to check but it anyway you should be listening to this band everyday. Downloads from their blog.




Up popped a nice comment ->, which had a link to this band. I thought it was worth posting this for anyone who still comes here (I know its been nearly 2 months and not a single call). Download courtesy of their blogspot.



18 February 2010

Big Kids

It's half of Spires plus another guy doing punk jams because it's fun.


09 February 2010


Youve got to check out this band.

Silo EP


06 February 2010


As a kind favor you should check this guy out, solo-acoustic is something i've never really been into but this is utterly charming. ye man




Screamo/emo from ex-Ursa Theodorus and Swedes. If you like this then also check out Sthenno. Can someone local get hold of a CD?


02 February 2010

bombs away!

well thanks to Zenjoy for reminding about this amazing band. First time around I mentioned I couldn't get hold of any downloads to post but they were offered free all along. So if you were smarter than me and got hold of them you should give it another listen. They sum themselves up well with "a mixture of pop punk and screaming"

Do You Know Where Josh Bell Is EP

bombs away! / enzuigiri split tape


26 January 2010


I was told about this band by last.fm'er Fox_n_Sox so a thanks to him. At first I was trying to think who they sounded like, as it isnt the usual thing I listen to, but once I couldnt do that I just listened and started to enjoy it alot. They have an EP up on IFYOUMAKEIT and a couple of videos which you should watch.

Each and Everyone
Now That We're Alive


22 January 2010

Calculator: These Roots Grow Deep

One of my favourite bands, Arguments EP was in my top 5 of last year. I've probably said this alot but the west coast has got alot of great bands (Moldar, Summer Vacation, Matsuri, Beau Navire to name a few favourites). Anyway, Calculator have released a sort of 12" discography, which contains Arguments and the two splits they have done but also some old demo takes and an unfinished new track. If you have never listened to Calculator its an excellent place to start. You can still pre-order a copy, if you like it!

These Roots Grow Deep


10 January 2010

solomon solomon

Going to give these guys another post, good stuff.

Apart One and Two.mp3
Bad Snow, Yeti.mp3


08 January 2010

This Town Needs Guns: Old Songs

Incase you haven't got this stuff. 6 track demo and 3 track EP, 'Hippy Jam Fest'. I think thats all of the songs, I dont have a physical copy and there isn't much information out there on the demo. Still waiting on my tab book to arrive and new songs to be heard.

Demo & Hippy Jam Fest