08 June 2010

this was fun

i found an old mineral t-shirt on eBay and I thought of these times
emo is for life, not just for one song
now it's all bleeps bloops and bass



  1. Not worth my while. This is equivalent to 80's/90's school videos of someone rapping about not doing drugs. But there is no white rapping, just kids poorly mimic'ing popcore to sing about god.

    "But I love every second of this, I play my part in something much bigger than me."

    Corney as hell


  2. Welp, they are HxC christian so im guessing they will be straight edge. I dont mind that lyric myself, its corney but its seem even more apt they sing it with their religious background. If I heard that lyric in an Mineral song I would probably like it even more tbh

    The whole genre is pretty corney anyway, some of the breakdowns make me laff but I enjoy it all the same.